Evaluating Authenticity

Buzzwords like “authentic” can be controversial among experts. But what does it really mean to have authenticity, and how is it best applied to career goals?

Dawn Klingensmith
CTW Features

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Design or Plan – What’s the Difference? A Lot.

People often ask me how I decided on the title for “Designing Your Ideal Life,” then they invariably want to know, “Becky, what is the difference between planning your ideal life and designing it?” It turns out that there is a big difference.
In my former career, I was in software […]

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Is There an Age Limit to Designing Your Ideal Life?

I am often asked if there is a time when it is too late to design our ideal life. I don’t think so. We all go through many different phases in our lives that is true. We complete college or vocational school; we enter a career; we change careers; we […]

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Think Twice: Will Doubling Your Paycheck Really Make You Happier?

What if having more money could actually be a hindrance for people? Is it possible that making enough money could be a hurdle that keeps people from exploring what would really make them happy and successful in this life?

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The Beauty of Small Steps

“Becky, do I have to change everything at once?”
No – and you should not. To try to change everything simultaneously will only lead to frustration and disappointment. The process of Designing Your Ideal Life should be done in a series of steps.

I like to advise people to first identify one […]

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A Tale of Failure and Success

Failure is painful. It is what we do with that failure that is critical. I have failed in certain careers but I learned from those failures; I learned what I wasn’t good at; I learned those areas where I was not a good fit. For example, I once had a […]

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Thoughts on Happiness

There are occasions when a potential client or even current client looking to change careers might say to me: “Becky, I don’t know if I am worthy of being happy.”

Worthy? That’s a tough issue; it borders on the psychological realm, not just business. The issue of “worthy” or “unworthy,” is […]

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