Designing Your Ideal Life

How we help you envision your ideal life
Our signature process, outlined in our book, Designing Your Ideal Life, leads people through envisioning their ideal life and creating a blueprint and plans to get there. For people who need extra help, we provide support in our online community of like-minded people, accountability partners, and mastermind groups. We provide the tools and support to help you find happiness and success.

Close your eyes and imagine you are living your ideal life. Who is there with you? Where are you living? How are you spending your time? How does living your ideal life make you feel? Are you successful? Are you happy?

Did you struggle with imagining what your ideal life would look like? You are not alone. Most people know what they don’t want, but they struggle with figuring out what they do want.

You have embarked on this journey called life. You have exactly one shot to get it right. If you were planning a trip to Chicago, you would pull out a map or a GPS and plot your trip. You would plug in your starting point and your ending point. You would have a plan for how to get there. Yet, most people spend more time planning their next trip to the grocery store than they do planning their life. Your life should not be left to chance. To have the ideal life, you have to know what an ideal life is for you and create a plan to get there.
Our lives are not perfect, yet many people have no idea what they really want from life. They go through the motions, doing their jobs, with no hope of anything better. They struggle financially because they don’t make enough money. They are in debt. Their health suffers from poor choices, stress, and neglect. They are like walking zombies at work. They go to work and do just enough and then go home. They are so tired they don’t have enough energy left over for their family. And they feel trapped. People depend on them. They do what they are told, but they are not happy. On Monday morning, they drag themselves out of bed to get up and do it all again. By society’s standards, they are successful, but they are not happy.

You are probably wondering if our process will really work for you.

It will, if you share these values:

Contribution. What really inspires you is the desire to make a difference for others. You are comfortable challenging the status quo.
You want to be excellent. You have the desire and willingness to be masterful at what you do – to continue growing, learning, and applying.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”~ John F. Kennedy

You know there is more to life than you can see. You know, or at least suspect, that reality is more than just the physical. You believe in God, the Divine, or have some experience or understanding that our spiritual natures are real.

“Have faith in God; God has faith in you.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole

You adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Your word is your bond.

“The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Willing to get help. You know that the best way to help others is to make sure that you have adequate help yourself where you need it.
You are willing to invest in your success. For others to believe in it, you have to believe in it, and you know that the right investments will nourish your dreams to reality.

We enable you to design your ideal life by providing you with the support and tools to define and create a blueprint for your success and happiness. We help you create an action plan and we support your journey with tools, resources, accountability partners, and community.

Resources to Design Your Ideal Life