Recommendations for Becky Lynn Smith

“Becky Lynn Smith is a gifted, confident, quiet leader who provides practical solutions to business issues while speaking clearly and confidently to those solutions. She is a “quick study” of not only the business issue but of the players at the table. She is passionate about developing her teams to solve problems and provides them the freedom to do their job. Most importantly, Becky is a stalwart in difficult times when business units change their minds or become resistant to change —- she remains focused on the end game and moves the group forward. The real key is to ensure you listen well and then you will know deep down that she is a leader you can trust.” ~ Ed Long, VP, Project Management Office, Friedkin Business Services 

“Becky was our most mature project manager: capable, competent, dependable, she knew how to navigate the tricky waters of both major and minor projects. Neither the eccentricities of her clients nor the inevitable surprises of project work tipped her over. I was never concerned regarding projects under her guidance.” ~ Bill Russell, VP/CIO, Friedkin Companies, Inc.

“Becky is a highly motivated professional with the passion, desire and determination to see others achieve high levels of success in their personal and business lives. Becky’s wealth of skills and knowledge make her an invaluable asset to any business owner looking to reach that next level of success. Engage her and get moving towards the fulfillment of your goals!” ~ Ricki Wilkins, Senior Franchise Advisor, The Growth Coach

“Becky is an awesome person to work for! It was truly my privilege to serve as a testing team lead under her leadership of the 40-person project team to convert VSAM to DB2. As a consultant during the eighteen month project, I admired her ability to effectively manage very diverse groups, both locally and abroad, keeping us focused and motivated. This project was highly successful because of Becky’s management, foresight, and people skills. Becky delivers results… and makes you proud to work in her organization.” ~ Sandra Brouwer, Senior Consultant, Friedkin Information Technology

“Becky is an excellent and effective communicator with both clients and her project teams and recognizes what it takes for these groups to work together efficiently. She is, truthfully, a motivational leader, role model and mentor, inspiring her coworkers to pursue excellence both for themselves and for their teams. In our time at AIM together, Becky developed my skills as a programmer and leader, always challenging me to do better and be better, to take on the projects and develop the skills that she knew I could handle, though I felt sometimes as though I was reaching my limits.” ~ Marlene Lanphier, Programmer, ecommerce, AIM Investments

“Working with Becky was an absolute pleasure. She is leadership paired with friendship. She has the distinct ability to find efficient, workable solutions: no smoke, no side shows, just good, honest results. Yet, more impressive is her genuine concern for those with whom she works. It is clear she measures her success not only in reaching her goals, but in her ability to guide others to reach theirs. I would recommend Becky as a valuable asset for any organization.” ~ Patrick Warren, Systems Analyst, Exxon

“Becky’s level of professionalism and dedication to each and every project she is working on made her one of the best company liaison’s I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Thorough, responsive and always an excellent communicator!” ~ Cozette (Cozy) Wittman, Select Sales Manager, NOREX

“Becky is one of the finest individuals I have had the opportunity to work with. Becky accomplishes her objectives directly and efficiently. She communicates very effectively and sees the whole picture without missing a detail. She also embodies integrity. Her word is golden.” ~ Ashley Preston, Vice President, Director of Consulting Services, EverFind Resources, LLC

“Becky is a great Director of Applications. Her matured managing skills are very effective. She has grown our IT Application Division to have advanced flexible systems that meet the needs of our business partners. Becky is instrumental in solving major issues and defining excellent solutions to difficult projects. She leads her teams to perform above what is expected and develops her direct reports to be better leaders. Working with Becky has been a rewarding experience.” ~ Derek MacLeod, Application Development Manager, Friedkin Companies, Inc.

“Becky is by far one of the best managers I have had the pleasure of working with. She is extremely professional when it comes to managing the business and extremely caring when it comes to managing the people. Becky takes the time to understand the technical solutions being presented to address the business needs which assures future stability for the installation. I highly recommend Becky, since she is a great asset to any organization.” ~ Eby Anavian, Advisory IT Architect, IBM

“Becky was always a pleasure to work with. She always took the time to explain her requirements and was very clarify in what was needed. If I ever needed clarification or had a question, Becky was always available and happy to assist. I was impressed how quickly Becky was able to learn the business and technical side at AIM after she first joined. I highly recommend Becky and hope our paths cross again in the future.” ~ Ryan France, Web Developer, Invesco Aim

“Becky is without a doubt one of the 5 brightest people I have ever known. She is a quick study, has a comfortable grasp of complicated issues, and is a delightful person to work with. A real team player who is all about getting the task done. She’s also articulate and a natural teacher. I think she would be an asset to literally any organization.” ~ Dennis Welch, Student, University of Houston,

“Becky Lynn Smith is a truly dedicated professional. I have known Becky since 1995 and have seen her grow from a technical role to leading a function that enables a business succeed in its endeavors. As a student, there was no one more diligent, studious, respectful of her peers in our collaborative environment and thought provoking in seeking solutions to the challenging business cases presented. An organization would do well by having Becky as part of their organization and leadership.” ~ Joe Olivarez, Vice President Security & Crisis Management (WH), Baker Hughes,