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behind brandInterview:  Tell us a little about yourself. We want to learn about the person behind the brand.

Becky:  I guess you could say I am the mother of reinvention. From my first job as a “cotton chopper” to my current passion as an author and speaker, I am the first to admit I have taken a sometimes circuitous journey to find my life’s work.

Over the past 25 years, I have been fortunate enough to work at the highest level as an executive and leader for several world-class organizations including Exxon, Amoco, AIM and Gulf States Toyota. At each stop along the way, I gained experience in multiple industries including information technology, banking, investments, energy, and automotive distribution.  My clients have benefited from the outside perspective my experience brings to their business.

During my corporate career at various companies and in various industries, I found …..order the book to read the rest of this interview along with many other inspiring and educational stories from experts.


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