Author Q&A with Becky Lynn Smith

Designing Your Ideal Life

Q. Why did you decide to write this book?

A. Because I’ve been there. I took a more circuitous route than I probably should have to get to the place I’m in today, the place where I know I am doing exactly what I was meant to do. I was successful by the usual definition- the corner office, and all of that. But then one day, I just couldn’t ignore that nagging feeling that kept after me. Success wasn’t making me happy, and I had to figure out why. I was almost embarrassed to tell anyone, quite frankly. I seemed to have it so good…

But, thankfully, I DID figure it out. And, it’s my hope that this book will encourage others to figure it out too, and that the ideas we talk about here will give the readers some shortcuts to get there. Time is really important, and if I can help you use your time better on things that really matter to you in this life, then I will feel like we succeeded.

Q. Designing Your Ideal Life is inspirational and thought provoking, but it is also extremely practical. Talk a little about that balance.

A. That was and is a very important part of what we talk about here. We begin by inspiring people to take stock of themselves, and then to do something about what they discover. Knowledge doesn’t do us a lot of good if we don’t act on it, right? The acting on it part of the process needs milestones and steps that work, or we are likely to just wander around aimlessly. And, there are a lot of people doing that these days. I’d love for this book to be a compass and a guide to a better life and I think it can be.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish with this book and your work?

A. Don Clifton, the inventor of the Gallup Strengthsfinder, and the Grandfather of Positive Psychology once said that “Everyone does at least one thing better than ten thousand other people. That’s the good news. The bad news? Most people have no idea what that one thing is.”

I’d like to think that my book can help fix that problem. We live in a world where only twenty percent of people by their own admission get to do what they do best every day. That means eighty percent of us are just doing stuff all day to get by. What would happen if just some of those eighty percent were able to find their calling in life and started doing that? What impact would that have on those individuals, their families, the economy, etc.?

It sounds lofty, but you have to start somewhere. For me, Designing Your Ideal Life is the first word in a conversation that I hope to be having with a lot of people for many years to come.

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