Designing Your Ideal Life

Create Your Blueprint for Success and Happiness

By Becky Lynn Smith

Designing Your Ideal Life Book Cover

Life is short. Many people blindly go through the motions of living, but are not happy and don’t know why. You only have to look around at the people who seemingly have everything going for them to realize that many of them are not happy either. Movie stars, athletes, musicians – we are surrounded by talented people who have money and fame and are still, for the most part, miserable. The people who drown their emotions with alcohol, drugs, food, sex, or other addictions are clearly trying to escape from something. What are they missing? Why are they so unhappy?

Becky Lynn Smith, author of Designing Your Ideal Life (January 15, 2015), says that the missing piece of the puzzle in most people’s lives is finding the ONE THING they were meant to do in this life.

Smith says that as a society, we have our priorities backwards. We get so wrapped up in the day-to-day turmoil that we forget our true purpose in life is to make a difference in the lives of others. It often takes a life-changing event for us to realize we need to do something different. And making that kind of change will no doubt require us to stop the momentum, take stock of ourselves, and figure out the way forward. It will also require that we tune out all of the naysayers around us.

The premise of Designing Your Ideal Life is simple, really. The path to happiness begins with one’s decision to be happy. That seems easy at first glance, yet as most of us go through the motions we forget what it takes for us to be happy. In fact, happiness is not that simple. Happiness starts with the desire to intentionally create a life of purpose – a life in which we choose to use our unique set of gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.

And, it’s important to know that creating a happy life is not a destination, but a process. The objective of this book is to provide the reader with the steps required to design their ideal life. Readers will find a process to follow to create their personal blueprint for success and happiness.

The book is filled with wisdom and practical exercises that will be a first step toward creating a blueprint for success and happiness. Readers will gain the clarity and focus needed to take action. In a world where only twenty percent of us by our own admission get to do what we do best every day, Becky Lynn Smith’s message can’t come too soon.

Now…on to a better life, the one you were intended to live in the first place.

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