Spirit Fed Entrepreneur – Growing Your Business with a Fearless Mindset

I am so excited I cannot wait to share my latest book project with you.

I have been blessed this year to be part of an exceptional group of human beings. Along with 16 others, I am a contributing author to the inspiring anthology, Spirit Fed Entrepreneur. This collection of personal […]

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Defining Happiness in Life

Defining happiness in life…
Defining happiness can seem as elusive as achieving it. We want to be happy, and we can say whether we are or not, but can it really be defined, studied and measured? And can we use this learning to become happier?

Psychologists say yes, and that there are […]

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News: Best-selling Author Becky Lynn Smith Announces New Book for Entrepreneurs

Best-selling Author Becky Lynn Smith Announces New Book for Entrepreneurs
Texas, November, 2015:  Best-selling author Becky Lynn Smith and CEO of Designing Your Ideal Life,, announces her participation in the Behind Her Brand: Expert Edition book project launching this week for Entrepeneurs.  This is Becky’s third published book.  Her books include:  […]

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Who are you “Beholden” to? “Breaking Ties”

There are people who read “Designing Your Ideal Life,” who write to me asking how they can cut the ties with negative people in our lives or even with people who have long left their life or even passed away!

It is not all that surprising from my perspective. The strong […]

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Afraid of Failing, Succeeding or Just of Life?

In the quest many people have for designing their ideal life, I have observed that what usually holds them in place are three main areas of fear. Of course, nothing in our decision making is all one or the other, sometimes there are combinations of fears. In any case, people […]

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When Your Fantasy Becomes Your Nightmare!

I know a woman who had the idea to quit her banking career to buy five acres of land in New Mexico to start an herb and vegetable farm. It was her thought to supply all of the local restaurants and natural food markets with produce. She was also going […]

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The Freedom to Change Your Life

As Independence Day was just a few days ago, it caused me to think about one of the greatest treasures any human can ever hope to have: Freedom.

Freedom can take on many different aspects to many different people of course; from the prisoner locked behind bars to the child having […]

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Life Happens, Good and Bad

On this road to Designing Your Ideal Life, always remember that life happens. Can your “Plan A” fail? Absolutely. Nothing is perfect, and I am reminded of those rough stones that make their way into a swift moving stream. Sometimes it takes the stream a long while to smooth down […]

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If Not Now, then When?

There is a dance that many people dance; it is the Dance of Procrastination. It has been said that Procrastination is the “Stealer of Dreams,” and that is a very apt description. We often procrastinate because we have a fear of tackling an unpleasant task, or several unpleasant tasks. We […]

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Spontaneity is Not Always a Good Thing

Spontaneity can be a good thing with co-workers at Karaoke night, and I am sure it is a highly desirable trait for standup comedians, but in a job search a scattered approach is not such a good thing.

I have counseled people who have been locked in miserable jobs who will […]

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