The Roadblocks in Our Lives

There are those we meet who choose to be miserable; they are judgmental and narcissistic. Designing Your Ideal Life cannot help them. I know that probably surprises you, but it’s true. Then there are those we meet who truly want to change, but don’t know how. My book is written […]

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The Difference between Happiness and Success

There were many motivating factors that led me to writing Designing Your Ideal Life. In fact, the long journey I have taken could not have happened without my understanding that “Happiness” and “Success” are two entirely different matters. I want to give you a couple of illustrations but first, a […]

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Is Your Life In Balance?

Is Your Life in Balance – or Out of Balance?

How is your work-life balance? No I mean, really let’s be honest. Is your personal life suffering because of your investment of time and energy into your career or business?

Do you spend quality time with your family?
Have you spent one uninterrupted […]

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