Accountability Partners

Getting an accountability partner is awesome if you just need a little help staying focused Accountability Partners Help you Stop Making Excuseson your smart goals.

In order to truly succeed in life and in your career, you need the help of other people. Life is not lived alone. When you can partner up with another motivated individual and hold each other accountable, wonderful things can happen as you both work toward achieving your goals.

An accountability partner can help you stay motivated or get unstuck. If you are struggling with finishing even the smallest things, an accountability partner can really help you stay on track and remain focused on your most important priorities.

Having an accountability partner is the best way to deal with changing priorities, staying on track with your goals, creating lasting change, implementing your action plan, and improving your personal effectiveness.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the overall benefits of an Accountability Partner

The Main Benefits

  • You have support to achieve your goals
  • You gain different perspectives and insight
  • You learn what is working for someone else
  • You gain support, relationships, and connections with another like-minded person
  • Your accountability partner provides accountability to you for your goals and you provide accountability to them
  • You learn other ways of doing things
  • You get genuine support

The Purpose of an Accountability Partner

The purpose of the accountability partnership is to keep you on track toward the goals on your respective action plans. Each person defines his or her own “Success” and “Happiness”; no two people will have the same definition. An accountability partner provides a more personal approach to accountability. Unlike a mastermind group, that will have 8 to 10 individuals, typically you have only one accountability partner. You and your accountability partner will work together

  • Sharing goals, success stories, and obstacles to moving forward
  • Offering support and encouragement
  • Helping each other with specific goals
  • Sharing ideas in a creative and confidential environment.
  • Holding each other accountable for achieving the goals you set
  • Offering knowledge and advice, as well as perspective
  • Sharing resources, books, tapes, websites, vendors, articles, etc.
  • Sharing referrals (“Do you know anyone who…”)
  • Brainstorming the pros and cons to possible solutions

How Accountability Partner Matching Works

  • You will sign up to indicate your desire to have an accountability partner.
  • You will be assigned to a private group with other people who have expressed interest in having and becoming an accountability partner.
  • You will have an opportunity to share your values and find the perfect accountability partner.
  • Once you have agreed to be accountability partners, you will talk with your accountability partner twice a week to help keep each other on track.

Take your ideal life to the next level by tapping into the power of an accountability partner.

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