Best-selling Author Becky Lynn Smith Announces New Book for Entrepreneurs

behind brandTexas, November, 2015:  Best-selling author Becky Lynn Smith and CEO of Designing Your Ideal Life,, announces her participation in the Behind Her Brand: Expert Edition book project launching this week for Entrepeneurs.  This is Becky’s third published book.  Her books include:  Share Your Message with the World, Behind Her Brand: Expert Edition, and her solo published book Designing Your Ideal Life.

Behind Her Brand: Expert Edition takes Entrepreneurs on a journey of real life lessons, obstacles, think tank processes, disappointments, and the victories of successful female entrepreneurs who turned their brand into catalysts for their business successes. This book teaches others the moves on how to take a brand from zero to hero.

“I was honored to be part of this Anthology book project”, says Becky Lynn Smith, CEO of  “As a woman Entrepreneur I believe it’s important to share our business strategies and successes with those just starting out.  Our mission at Designing Your Ideal Life is to help people who are seeking to live their best possible life. We empower them with inspiration, information, community, connections, and support. Behind Your Brand was the perfect vehicle for me to share my message and help new entrepreneurs begin to also design their business to fit their ideal life.”

In addition to her books, Designing Your Ideal Life and Share Your Message With the World, Becky Lynn Smith is a regular contributor to Huffington Post and

About Becky Lynn Smith and Designing Your Ideal Life

Our signature process, outlined in our book, Designing Your Ideal Life, leads people through envisioning their ideal life and creating a blueprint and plans to get there. For people who need extra help, we provide support in our online community of like-minded people, accountability partners, and mastermind groups. We provide the tools and support to help you find happiness and success including workbooks, ecourses and assessments.

We enable you to design your ideal life by providing you with the support and tools to define and create a blueprint for your success and happiness. We help you create an action plan and we support your journey with tools, resources, accountability partners, and community.  Learn more at  To order the book please visit



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