When in the process of writing “Designing Your Ideal Life,” I knew I wanted to create a book that would give people the tools and the courage to change. I wanted to write a supportive book without judgment. I know that that change can be difficult; the last thing you need is someone “sitting on your shoulder” judging you! In order to change, we sometimes need to start with an understanding of where we are.

I offer a free assessment. It is my gift to you. It will help you to better determine where you are, and some initial insights as to who you are.

The 4 basic types

There are four basic types of people who come to me seeking change. Now it is important to say we are not all one type or the other. We can have several different elements of all four who make us who we are.

Many go through life as bitter souls, or “Victims.” They are shut down; everyone is to blame for their problems except themselves. Others are “Satisficer’s;” people who say they are content, but really aren’t. Think of the couch potato who has no idea what they want out of life. The problem of course, is that life keeps moving along while the Satisficer sits.
Perhaps you are a “Go Getter.” The Go Getter is driven, driven, driven. They work hard and tell the world they’re happy, but in the quiet of their lives, they realize deep down, they are miserable.

If you are one of the lucky and rare few, perhaps you are a “Pathfinder,” a person who is in constant pursuit of the ideal life, where life is in balance. However, it is a rare and fortunate state that few of us ever achieve on our own.

Happiness is more than a dream

You can be happy. By “happy,” I am not talking about being a comedy act for everyone to see, but to be content. In going through many life changes myself, I arrived at a state of happiness and contentment after going through a lot of personal work and soul-searching.

Happiness is a feeling you find within yourself. It is living with purpose. Among other things, happiness is being well-rounded and balanced and having good relationships with others. It is having meaningful and satisfying work and being able to support and nurture others as well as being good to yourself.
Happiness is not a dream; it is an attainable goal. I can help you.

Where are you now?

Would you like to take the Ideal Life Assessment to see where you are? It is an easy set of questions and the only requirement is that you be totally honest (there’s that word again) with yourself.

The Ideal Life Assessment will accomplish several things for you to:

• Provide clarity as to your current situation.
• Help understand why you feel as though there should be more to life than you are currently experiencing.
• Help understand how others may see you and how that may be holding you back from the life you desire.
• Help you take the next steps toward creating the life you desire (and deserve).

Once you take the assessment, “Designing Your Ideal Life,” can lead you to understanding how to go from where you are, to where you want to be.
It is possible for you to happier; honest.



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