I remind readers of my new book, Designing Your Ideal Life, that no one is guaranteed another day. We must live each day as if it could be our last. I provide my readers with a process to create a blueprint plan for their ideal life. The reality of the brevity of life was driven home for me today on United Airlines flight 333 from Orange County, California to Houston, Texas. In all of my years of traveling, it was the first time ever I was on a flight that was diverted for a medical emergency.
A gentleman at the back of the plane went down with a heart attack and stopped breathing. Luckily we had a gentleman from Orange County FEMA Urban search and rescue on board who happened to be at the back of the plane when the gentleman went down who was able to immediately perform CPR. I was told his heart stopped beating for 20 seconds, and the CPR saved his life. Top that off with a cardiac nurse and respiratory therapist who were also on board the aircraft who helped stabilize the gentleman after CPR brought him around. The United Airlines crew was awesome and the passengers were patient and understanding. God definitely put the right people in place so that this gentleman would live another day. The gentleman was breathing and had his eyes open when they took him off the plane.
I was reflecting on the incident after we finally took off to continue to Houston and was thinking about all of the logistics that went into getting the man stabilized, diverting the flight to Phoenix and all of the logistics in clearing the runway and securing a gate in Phoenix for an unexpected flight from Orange county. The paramedics met the plane and came on board to take the gentleman to the hospital for proper care. United Airlines definitely had a plan to cover the unexpected medical emergency. Their crew and proactive recovery operations team kicked into gear to try to help passengers with connecting flights gets rebooked onto another flight.
I imagine what it must have been like for his wife or children to get that phone call saying their husband or father was not going to arrive in Houston, but was instead on his way to a Phoenix hospital. God intervened today and gave this man another chance at life. I wonder what he will do with his second chance. What would you do with your second chance? Are you living your ideal life? If not, why not? It is not too late to have a second chance to design your ideal life. Grab my book, Designing Your Ideal Life, and use it to create your blueprint for success and happiness.
I want to send a big thank you to United Airlines, the team from Orange County FEMA Urban Search and Rescue, the cardiac nurse, and the respiratory therapist on board United Airlines flight 333 today for your service. Thank you to the passengers and individuals behind the scenes who gave the gentleman on my flight another chance at his ideal life.



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