Consulting – Professional Coach on Call

Designing Your Ideal Life is committed to helping individuals create a blueprint to achieve greater success and happiness. But in addition to helping motivated individuals, like you, reach their potential, we also provide special consulting assistance for individuals and professionals who need an extra hand and an objective perspective. A professional coach keeps your team accountable for execution, follow-through and full implementation. Because we are gifted at facilitation and helping clients to define and achieve goals and leverage their time, talent and resources, we are often called in to help make sure strategies and goals are fully implemented. After all, great ideas and strategies not fully implemented are nearly worthless.

We assist with a variety of business coaching projects, including:

  • Leadership Team Coaching & Accountability – Our coaches gain the trust and respect of executives and business owners. Very often, we will introduce our processes to executives who, in turn, want those processes integrated with their teams or professional staff. We provide monthly or quarterly coaching and on-going team planning and accountability.
  • Strategic Business Planning & Implementation – We conduct management team interviews and facilitate the strategic retreat and follow-up implementation sessions.
  • Leadership Development – We help executives and managers to improve their leadership mindset, skills, habits and effectiveness.

We help these companies and their executives hold themselves accountable and ensure critical changes are made to improve their businesses. Our solutions will help re-shape the thinking of the entire team so that the employees are productive, efficient, and, above all, effective.

Benefits of Consulting

  • Contract services for those projects needing professional Ideal Life coach expertise:
    • Facilitating leadership team strategic retreats
    • Business planning sessions
    • Small group coaching sessions in the areas of marketing, selling, leadership, business planning, etc.
    • Coaching key individuals in your organization with leadership or priority management challenges
  • We guide companies through the coaching process and they select the right strategies for their company
  • We hold the appropriate leader and team accountable for making things happen – execution!
  • Quoted on an hourly rate or fixed-fee basis


If you need a helping hand or an objective perspective on your next project, contact us today.