There are times, I must admit, when I completely shock my clients by telling them not to leave their jobs. Perhaps I am a little more subtle by saying, “Have you really thought this through?” However, my intention is the same.

Designing your ideal life doesn’t necessarily involve leaving an employment situation; there may be several other factors that need changing first. What are 5 reasons for staying in a job?

  1. Loyalty to a great boss – It is very difficult to find a good boss these days. My best boss respected my opinion and he always made it a point to express his appreciation. He was strong and supportive and made sure “his people” were respected and given opportunities for growth. If you have a great boss who really wants to see you succeed, think twice about abandoning him/her.
  2. You love what you do – Do you love what you do? It’s so important. If you love being a pastry chef, but your friends think you should go to dental school, that’s their problem not yours! If you love being a cost accountant, but your neighbor thinks you should join him in opening a car wash, tell your neighbor thanks, but no thanks. It is so difficult to find a profession you love, don’t give it up for someone else’s dream.
  3. You’re recognized as an expert – Are you in a job where you have become a recognized expert? Are you the organizational “go to person” who is valued for your knowledge? Do not belittle your position or your importance to your company or even your industry. As a recognized expert there are numerous opportunities to expand on that expertise and whether you are the world’s greatest expert on corn syrup, dog grooming supplies or rocket propellant, you will be appreciated and sought out for your expertise.
  4. Run your own show – You may be one of the fortunate individuals who works for a large company and yet has a great deal of autonomy within a certain section or department of that organization. Within certain guidelines, you run your own show and you are recognized as being quite capable and competent. A situation like that should never be taken for granted.
  5. Security of a regular paycheck – Many people I counsel have a vague sense of wanting to start their own business versus the routine of having a “good” job with a regular salary and respectable benefits. It is absolutely realistic and honest for someone to come to the conclusion that the known is much better than the unknown; that they are not entrepreneurs and not equipped to go it alone. There is a detailed planning process to starting a new company and the costs and time in launching any kind of new venture cannot be dismissed. Lately, I have seen numerous television commercials where a team of upwardly mobile go-getters are sitting around a board table (in their casual, but expensive attire) in a huge loft space discussing their “new business and then going out for pizza.” It just doesn’t work like that. While I would never discourage anyone from starting their own business, it is much easier said than done and I respect someone for coming to the conclusion that it is just not for them.

In the end, it is your life and your happiness. Ultimately, no one can or should decide what is best for you.















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