I am so excited I cannot wait to share my latest book project with you.

File Apr 09, 10 59 53 AMI have been blessed this year to be part of an exceptional group of human beings. Along with 16 others, I am a contributing author to the inspiring anthology, Spirit Fed Entrepreneur. This collection of personal stories is a testament to the breadth and variety of the Entrepreneur.
Sometimes when I think about my past, I realize the challenges and fears and doubt that I have faced. In my chapter, Escaping the Entrepreneurial Trap: I share my story of how I came to grips with the fact that time and not money is our greatest asset. Achieving balance between your faith, family and business is achievable when you shift your focus from outwardly spinning your wheels to taking a deep breath and reflecting on what is important to you. This is my journey and I am happy to share it.
And I also realize that many people in the world may face similar challenges. That is why Spirit Fed Entrepreneur is so relevant. The authors have been fearless in sharing their experiences. And you will have the privilege of hearing their special EMPOWERING stories right here!
These stories are about beginnings and ways forward, taking control of your life and creating desirable outcomes in your business. Spirit Fed Entrepreneur will encourage you to step into success and grow your business, getting RESULTS! You will also have an even better understanding of what you need to do to finally overcome the hurdles in your journey. Take a look!
If you are one of those people who wants to grow your business with a FEARLESS MINDSET and KNOW your negative thoughts are in the way, this book can provide insight and guidance.  Spirit Fed Entrepreneur will launch on Monday on Amazon. If you would like to learn more or preorder your copy, please do so here.
Thank you and have a blessed day.



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