If you have been following my blog, then you will know that I don’t advocate anyone packing up and leaving their job just for the fun of it! Leaving an employment situation is a serious issue. Yet, there are 7 very good reasons to leave an employment situation and if you want to begin to design your ideal life, all of these reasons are very good motives to start on your journey.

  1. You are asked to do something unethical – I once had a boss who was asked to tell an “untruth” in front of a jury. He went back to his office, grabbed his coat, walked out of the door and never came back. Never compromise your ethics and your common sense because you think that is what the company wants you to do. It will come back to haunt you.
  2. Boredom (you are no longer learning or growing) – If you are bored in a job after four years, what do you think six years will look like? There comes a point at which boredom because a detriment and in fact, it will usually lead to a lack of motivation and that leads to poor performance. Many people who become very bored also begin to do dumb things like running a business from work, surfing the internet or streaming movies and television shows! Don’t waste your life. If you’re bored with your job, do something about it.
  3. M&A Situation – If your company is about to be acquired or will merge with another company, it is a major cause for concern, especially if there is redundancy of positions and departments. Once the handwriting on the wall is apparent, don’t wait around hoping that the situation will suddenly change in your favor.
  4. Abuse Taking – If there is a culture in your company that “abuses” employees, get out of there. Now, I am not referring to HR issues such as sexual harassment, racial or religious intolerance. Those types of issues are illegal and are addressed in a court of law. I am referring to a culture of bullying, demeaning or forcing long hours based on a generalized company-wide attitude. It will probably never get better. Make it better for yourself somewhere else.
  5. Don’t Fit the Culture – Are you the only square peg in the round hole and made to feel “different?” It is time to move on if that is the case. You will not win, and over time you could even be viewed in a negative light for not changing.
  6. Lost the Fire – Over time you may have lost all passion for what you are doing. What was once exciting and made you feel vital and necessary, has devolved and is rote and non-creative. We all need to be challenged in order to grow. It is not necessarily linked to salary or benefits, but to purpose and personal growth.
  7. Severely Undervalued – Being undervalued often happens when we feel as though opportunities and even the organization has passed us by, and while we work hard and even have excellent reviews, no one seems to notice. Our work is not appreciated and we are thought of as “old reliable.” Often the best remedy is to look for a new opportunity.


Leaving any employment situation can be scary, but staying in an intolerable situation is worse yet. Most of the negative situations we talk about above are not like fine wines – they will not get better with age!



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