Habits of Highly Successful, Grateful People

Happy Thanksgiving

1. Humility. Grateful people see themselves as less than others. This doesn’t mean they lack self-esteem, it just means they put the needs of others ahead of their own. Grateful people see a need and do not think of themselves too highly to meet that need. They are excellent at making others feel special and doing whatever needs to be done to make the world a better place.

2, Contentment. People who are thankful for what they have in life are genuinely happy with it. They don’t spend time lamenting about what they wish they had. They look around themselves and are truly fulfilled with what they have in their lives.

3, Encouragers. Since grateful people are generally happy people, they want those around them to be happy, too. People who have gratitude are constantly seeking out ways to make others happy by saying and doing things that make another person feel good about themselves. There is good in everyone to highlight if you look hard enough. Don’t just think it, say it to them.

4. They Look at Things as Gifts, Rather Than Something They are Entitled To. Just because something is available, doesn’t mean it’s yours to have. People with gratitude don’t look at things as “birth rights,” but rather blessings they receive. And, not surprisingly, they are thankful for the things they receive. They don’t take things for granted.

5. Not Gossipy. If you are happy and thankful with your life and those around you, you simply have no need to gossip. Why would you want to speak poorly of someone when one of your goals in life is trying to encourage people? Have a secret? Tell a grateful person. It’s safe with them.

6. View Life as a Gift. By the time you reach adulthood, you have most likely lost a dear loved one. Just like anyone else, this has a profound impact on someone who practices gratitude. But instead of getting cold and bitter over the harsh reality life sometimes dishes out, they choose to look at life as a gift. After all, our days are all numbered. Why waste any of them not being thankful for what and who we have in our lives?

7. Appreciative of the small things in life. Thankful people take time to notice things. They stop and smell the roses. They enjoy a good meal. Sipping coffee is something they actually relish. They truly love a good conversation with friends. They focus on the experience, rather than what they have to do later or how they feel poorly about something in their lives.

8. Appreciative of People, Not Just Things. It can be easy to appreciate the material things you have in your life. You may be grateful that you have a nice house or a great car. But what about the people in your lives? Sure, they’re not perfect, but grateful people take time to notice the good qualities of those that surround them in life. They tend to value people more than they do things. They tell people that, too.



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