Designing Your Ideal Life Launches First eCourse

Ideal Life Training Helps Encourage People to Live Their Life to Full Potential

Texas, November 2015:  Best-selling author Becky Lynn Smith and CEO of Designing Your Ideal Life announces the launch of a new eCourse designed to help people live their ideal life and find the path they were meant to live. is the first eCourse for Ideal Life Publishing with plans to develop others in the future.

Ideal Life Training allows customers to work at their own pace to create their blueprint for success and happiness. Taking action is the key to success in Ideal Life Training. Action planning involves the right blend of communication, ideas, skills and tasks to move forward in the right direction to achieve a vision for an ideal life. This and more are covered in the eCourse.

“Many people lack true success because they’re never clear on their end goal or vision for the future. When a clear path and goal are set in place, along with an action plan to get there, you have everything laid out for you”, says Becky Lynn Smith, CEO of  “The main goal and mission of this course is to go beyond the book to assist you in creating a vision and blueprint for your ideal life that will provide a crystal clear pathway to finally achieve your ideal life.”

In addition to her eCourse and books, Designing Your Ideal Life, Behind Her Brand: Expert Edition, and Share Your Message With the World, Becky Lynn Smith is a regular contributor to Huffington Post and

About Becky Lynn Smith and Designing Your Ideal Life

Our signature process, outlined in our book, Designing Your Ideal Life, leads people through envisioning their ideal life and creating a blueprint and plans to get there. For people who need extra help, we provide support in our online community of like-minded people, accountability partners, and mastermind groups. We provide the tools and support to help you find happiness and success.

We enable you to design your ideal life by providing you with the support and tools to define and create a blueprint for your success and happiness. We help you create an action plan and we support your journey with tools, resources, accountability partners, and community.  Learn more at




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